I treat everyone with respect.
I see value in all dreams.
I believe in great ideas.

Entrepreneur & Intrapreneur

Launching Rockets


About Jordan

Jordan Jocius is a creative innovation specialist who launches 20-30 innovative tech startups every year as Toronto-Waterloo Director at Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator headquartered in Silicon Valley.

As a creative professional, Jordan inspires people to discover creative innovation through either entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship. He works with founders, executives, and teams on creating a formula for winning in business and in life. He has motivated professional audiences in the thousands at locations like Google, Shopify, and University of Waterloo.

Jordan started as a farmer, helping turn his family farm business into an advertising and events company — Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show — and one of the largest outdoor trade shows on the planet.

He has gone from growing farm businesses, to now growing tech startups, small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs), large corporations, and non-profit organizations. He has a unique passion for helping founders grow disruptive tech startups, and executives searching for corporate innovation, through the farming practise of hard work, creativity, and pure grit.

He has launched 65+ tech companies, interviewed 10,000+ people about startup ideas, and helped raise millions each year with talented founders.

Sticky Notes of Services

& Intrapreneurship

Full Day Retreats

Corporate Retreats

Quarterly Retainer

Corporate Innovation

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15 Page Decks

Raising Your Story


I help entrepreneurs + intrapreneurs launch and scale innovative ideas.

I help launch 20-30 incorporated tech companies each year in one of the fastest-growing tech-talent markets in the world, the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor. The Quantum Valley.

Creative Innovation
ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INTRAPRENEURSHIP - Engaging meetings, moderating, and keynotes for startups and corporations on how to encourage innovation by building better entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.
Idea Workshops
Full Day Retreats
PIVOT WITH PURPOSE - Custom corporate retreat focused on innovation, competition, and opportunities. You will set a new mission, vision, and roadmap for success in a changing world.
Idea Sprints
Quarterly Retainer
INNOVATION PROJECTS - Regularly scheduled monthly and weekly sprint meetings to help startups and scaleups build better entrepreneurs and corporations to implement better systems for intrapreneurship.
Pitch Decks
15 Page Decks
FUNDRAISE MONEY - Startup pitch decks for fundraising pre-seed and seed rounds and corporate pitch decks for launching product innovation ideas and new project initiatives.

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